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Our experience based on INSIDIOUS goes beyond a simple escape room, it is a challenge for the bravest, dedicated to living a horror or tension movie  in the flesh.



It was a small but harmful sect, it consisted of kidnapping men, women and children, to be sacrificed and delivered to the king of hell, in this way, the family would be protected and all their wishes would be fulfilled. The hallmark of this sect was to pluck the teeth of its victims, and leave them in a small sack of human skin.


For a few years, nobody and nothing suspected, until the same owners of the sect committed suicide for being guilty of serious crimes such as, harassment, kidnapping and death to several cases of missing persons.


Billie, unlike her parents, her belief is in God.

Her life consists of taking care of her sister who suffers from cerebral palsy.  

One morning, Billie proceeded to give her sister breakfast. Upon entering his room, he saw that the object that protected them from all evils had disappeared. Something inside him stirred and he quickly tried to wake his sister, who to no avail, saw that she was in a "coma".


Billie knows what is happening and that it haunts them every night, so she contacted a company of paranormal experts to find that object again, and help her sister.

  Since then, every week the same offer has been published in the newspaper:


It requires experts in the paranormal.


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